Points of Unity

1) As communists, we see communism as the only viable solution for the survival of humanity.

2) Capital is a historic social relation between the Capitalist class and the working class. Most simply put, it is the domination of living labour-power by dead (accumulated) labour. We denounce capital as being a product of the exploitation of workers around the world and therefore stand opposed to capitalism.

3) We denounce the parliamentary and electoral system as a masquerade that serves to legitimise and mask the bourgeois dictatorship which we live under. Workers’ power comes from our own self-organisation along class lines and not from the ballot box.

4) We see international revolution, carried out at the hands of the working class, as the only route to communism. This can only be achieved through the destruction of capital and class itself.

5) While not believing ourselves to be the party or its sole nuclei, we do advocate for the establishment of a centralised international class party. In other words, we are not the party, but we are for the party.

6) We oppose all nationalism and understand the working class to be a class of migrants who have no country. We are against all wars between nations and understand the emancipation of all oppressed groups depends on the self-organisation of the working class and international communist revolution.

7) We understand Stalinism (“Marxism-Leninism”) and Trotskyism as both having emerged from the counter-revolution in Russia. We regard all “actually existing socialism” as mere state-capitalism and see its actions and its parties—including its international organs—as instruments of the bourgeoisie.

8) We see all interclassist theories as alien to the interests of the proletariat and class collaboration as a symptom of low class consciousness. We oppose the social antagonisms that plague capitalist society and recognise organisation along class lines, regardless of identity, as essential for us to be able to abolish all forms of oppression and discrimination that stem from class society.

9) We understand labour unions to be organs which serve the capitalist state and stifle the resistance of the proletariat, they cannot be conquered or transformed into revolutionary vessels. We are not opposed to individual rank-and-file membership for the purpose of attending meetings and engaging with other workers. However, upon the intensification of class struggle, the unions will be a counterrevolutionary force and must be overcome. We support our fellow workers in building their own revolutionary organs independent of capital.

10) We oppose prisons and police forces around the world and oppose all brutality inflicted by law enforcement on working people, whether that be as individuals, during organised actions such as strikes and protests, or during acts of social unrest such as riots or revolts.