Migrants and War

(The following was written and printed in 2019 as a flyer for refugee rallies in Adelaide)

As internationalist communists we recognise the working class to be a class of migrants whose home is the entire world, a class of wage-labourers who have no fatherland. As of this, we denounce the efforts made by the ruling class to control us – and keep wages down across the board – through sovereign borders and the nation-state.

We stand in solidarity with our fellow workers, who upon seeking “a better life” find themselves imprisoned in places such as the Australian Government’s “offshore processing centres” on Nauru and Manus Island – which were first opened under Howard’s Liberal Government in 2001 and were subsequently reopened by the Gillard Labor government in 2012.

From this it should be understood that it will not be through making appeals to the bourgeois state, regardless of which party holds government, that we will see an end to the abuses against humanity that often manifest in the form of imprisoning those trying to escape from the life shattering impact of climate change, poverty and imperialist war – imperialist war of which the countries who later imprison our class siblings, are a faction in or otherwise lend their material support to.

As our comrades in Italy recently put it:

“Capitalism cannot offer anything to anyone except eating up environmental resources, and human energies to produce their profits. There is no welcome for migrants because every available resource must be unfailingly devoted to the survival of the system. In this system the migrant, the exploited, the poor can have no place or citizenship. Like the “damned of the earth” they are marginalised, blackmailed and at best face the prospect of slave labour. The criminalisation of the migrant sets down a marker and stands as a warning to all the exploited”

Only through a complete reordering of society, will we ever be able to put an end to poverty and war, along with make our best attempt to heal the environment, thus putting an end to the exploitation and oppression of all those in “refugee camps” and “processing centres” around the world, along with that of every wage-labourer.  The reordering that we speak of is one where production is for use and not for profit, where the land, means of production and transportation are all held in common. We call this communism – a society that can only be achieved through the self-organisation of the working class and international proletarian revolution.

Internationalist Communists Oceania (ICO)

Saturday, April 13, 2019

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